On Career, Skills, and Growth

Our twenties have been considered the crucial and defining years of life. These are the times of sowing when we go with the proverb "what you sow, so shall you reap," and hence how we are in our young age, directs what we will be in adulthood.

The first and foremost part of living this important age impeccably includes reaching a clear direction of career. This not only gives a guarantee for a promising future but becomes a benchmark for our personal growth as well. Setting career goals is the best way of achieving dreams, and time and again, it has been testified that the human race is at its best when they are satisfied from within, which is experienced with the fulfillment of dreams.

When later we amalgamate the desires with certain life skills, the journey of dream accomplishment becomes easy. Some skills such as communication: for understanding the art of pause and play in our heads, decision-making: to evaluate scientifically and reach the answers of doubts, creativity: to express our soul and build a connection with the world, and many others, become tailor-made tools in all aspects of life. They can add values to our personalities if learned and practiced well.

Another additional step towards development is self-awareness: Said easily, accomplished rarely. Estimating our weaknesses, strengths, our process of adaptation, emotions, and reactions are part of it. It is achieved when we are engaged in improving ourselves through discipline and consistent productivity; And in the process, we enter the path of self-discovery, get closer to our inner selves. Yet, alone it may not be sufficient. Recognizing our authentic self is a requisite but may not be of equal influence if one doesn't practice acceptance. Often, learning about things and accepting them as they are rather than expecting them to be something else can save time and energy, which can be utilized in other significant areas. Acknowledging flaws and strengths are also steps that take one closer to becoming better each day.

Further ahead, when talking monetarily, gone are the days when only marks landed good jobs. With the constantly evolving environment, it is more of a necessity than an option to develop work, interpersonal, and other crucial skills alongside diverse exposure. A person with varied experience is more likely to have a flexible mind who will fit in well and be a great team member. Hence, it gives one an edge over others if one possesses versatile skills and experiences.

When accumulated together and practiced consistently, these skills may contribute to attaining full potential and achieving the desired career. In the long run, we get a personality that stays with us and shines out when real-life struggle beyond the work environment also occurs.



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